Andalien 19/31

Live AV - Cristóbal Parra

Cristobal Parra. Juried Artist


Artist Statement

The possibilities of the discourses from the Global South have been restricted. The production chain of technologies originating from the Western tradition frames the creative possibilities of techniques within its own “program”: Creative discourses are then delimited and predefined by the political, philosophical, and cultural structures and mechanisms that the Global North and its industry establish through the determination of technologies and their consumption. Considering the subaltern nature of Latin American territories it becomes necessary to direct our research toward situated artistic practices that reimagine, adopt and deviate image technologies in a localized perspective of their use and adapt them to the needs and imaginaries that populate what we consider as “the south”.

About the artists

Photographer and media artist graduated in Law at the University of Concepción and is director of Laboratorio Crítico de la Imagen. Investigating political and territorial intersections in relation to image technologies to compromise technical images in a politically situated territory: using procedural generation methods 3D modeling photography video mapping and laser programming explores reflections on the role of the Latin American imaginary in the political and social scenarios of the region. Has participated in festivals such as Ars Electronica Toda la Teoría del Universo and the International Image Festival. He’s currently studying Aesthetics at the Catholic University of Chile and teaching at the Scenic Authorship Nucleus.

Credits: Cristóbal Parra – Laboratorio Crítico de la Imagen


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