We are thrilled to present ISEA2024, the upcoming 29th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), slated to take place in Brisbane from June 21-29, 2024. ISEA is the preeminent international event in art and technology, offering a unique convergence of distinguished artists, scholars, creative technologists, and scientists who together explore ground-breaking advancements at the nexus of art, science, and technology.

Held annually in globally significant cities like Barcelona, Montreal, Hong Kong, Helsinki, and most recently, Paris in May 2023, ISEA typically attracts 800-1,400 international participants. ISEA2024 is co-directed by Wesley Enoch AM and Professor Gavin Sade. Our partners include institutions such as the Queensland University of Technology, the Brisbane Powerhouse, The Edge (State Library of Queensland), Metro Arts, Superordinary, the Australian Network of Art and Technology (ANAT), Griffith University, and the University of the Sunshine Coast, among others.

The theme for ISEA2024 is Everywhen, which explores human perception of timescales and challenges our understanding of the past, present, and future in the days of singularity and climate change. ‘Everywhen’ encapsulates the notion of all time co-existing within a single place, proposing that past, present, and future cohabit in every location.

ISEA2024 will include a conference held at the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre, a workshop and a master class program held at partner venues. This will be combined with a showcase creative program of electronic art exhibitions and performances at The Brisbane Powerhouse, Metro Arts, Superordinary, the Griffith University Art Museum and the QUT Art Museum. With a vision to foster innovation, ISEA2024 aspires to serve as a catalyst for collaborations with local emerging practitioners, presenting their pioneering works and providing a platform for First Nations artists working with creative technologies.

The event will Explore emerging mediums and digital technologies. ISEA2024 will feature a mix of emerging and established practitioners, and First Nations artists. Works will span a range of forms, including creative robotics, bioart, augmented, virtual and extended reality, data visualisation, interactive public art, creative coding, electronic music, dance, XR film, expanded animation, projection mapping, machine learning, motion capture and more. This exploration of emerging mediums pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the arts and engages audiences in new and interactive ways. Australian artists sill include Petra Gemeinboeck, Tory Innocent, Georgie Pinn, Nirma Madhoo and Gail Priest to name a few.

The event aims to bring international artists and audiences to Australia, enriching the local creative industries. By hosting an event of ISEA’s calibre, Australia will be a focal point in the global arts and technology community. The benefits of such international engagement include the cross-pollination of ideas to potential future collaborations that establish the position of Australian artists internationally and benefit local audiences. ISEA2024 offers valuable benefits and opportunities for cultural immersion, relationship building, social impact, and economic growth, making it a desirable partner for businesses and place-based partners.

For further information please contact the Symposium Director, Gavin Sade ([email protected]) Symposium website : http://isea2024.isea-internaitonal.org/

ISEA2024 acknowledges the Turrbal and Yugara as the First Nations owners of the lands where the symposium will be held. We pay our respects to their elders, lores, customs and creation spirits. We also acknowledge and pay respects to all First Nations peoples across the continent and beyond Australian shores.