Body Cosmos

Body Cosmos at CMA Lab

Rem RunGu Lin. Juried Artist
The Sphere at QUT Kelvin Grove

Artist Statement

Body Cosmos is an immersive and interactive artwork that connects the human body with the cosmic environment through real-time bio-data. Using volumetric rendering techniques and particle system, we create a surreal virtual reality that reflects the intricate structures of human anatomy and celestial nebulae. We integrate a heart rate sensor and an EEG headband to capture and process bio-data into emotion indicators, which influence the visualization of particles in the artwork. This creates an intimate, personal connection with the cosmos, transcending immediate presence and nurturing a perpetual presence within the cosmic expanse.

About the artists

Rem RunGu Lin is a digital artist, creative technologist and the co-founder of Bach Innovative, Funtheory/Befun Lab. He investigates the intersections of mixed reality, human-computer interaction, bio-data and generative art in his research and artwork. He holds a master’s degree from MIT and is pursuing his PhD in Computational Media and Art (CMA) at HKUST. His works/papers have been Recognized in SIGGRAPH, Leonardo, SIGGRAPH AISA, ISEA, Ars Electronica , IEEE VIS AP, VINCI, R.A.W.!, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, “Vision Shenzhen” Shenzhen Light Art Museum.

Koo YongEn Ke is a new media artist and co-founder of Funtheory/Befun Digital Lab. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Jinan University, with a major in composition and electronic music production. As the director of the Guangzhou Modern Music Association, she is renowned for her work in immersive interactive video creation. Koo has collaborated extensively across disciplines including dance, drama, and music, notably with Tan Dun on projects like the “Buddha Passion” symphony at MGM Cotai and the “Tan Dun WE-Festival” at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Leixin LUO is the co-founder of Befun studio and BE Retail Research Group. He got the Master of Architecture degree from UPENN and MBA degree from HKUST. He has years of entrepreneurial experience in the fields of business planning, design, and public art installations, and possesses extensive interdisciplinary knowledge to ensure the successful implementation of complex projects.

Credits: Rem RunGu Lin, Koo Yongen Ke, Peco Leixin Luo


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