As Above, So Below

QUT Art Museum

Anna May KIRK 'Year without a sun' 2023, installation view. Photo courtesy of the artist.

The term ‘as above, so below’ has its origins in an ancient, cryptic text known as the Emerald Tablet. Drawn from a Latin interpretation and adopted by a number of different belief systems, the phrase is commonly used to describe the idea that the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm and vice versa. It can be interpreted to mean that events in the spiritual world are echoed in the physical world, or what exists in the digital or virtual world mimics that in the real world. Further, it might suggest that what occurs inside the human body is mirrored in the surrounding environment, or what happens on a small scale will also take place on a large scale.

In our current state of climate crisis, whereby seemingly minute changes in temperature and sea levels threaten catastrophic changes to the broader ecosystem, ‘as above, so below’ becomes a warning. The exhibition brings together new and recent works by Australian and international artists who engage with our environment by investigating hidden ecosystems, plant communication, endangered species, air quality, eco-acoustics, posthumanism, plant/human relationships, and more.

Artists: Robert Andrew (Australia), Tully Arnot (Australia/China), Art for Nons (Lea Luka Sikau, Denisa Půbalová, Antje Jacobs) (Germany, Netherlands, Australia), Michele Barker and Anna Munster (Australia), Kate Geck (Australia), Oliver Hull (Australia), Anna May Kirk (Australia), Ross Manning and Anna Tweeddale (Australia), Daniel Miller (USA), Anna Madeleine Raupach (Australia), Tiare Ribeaux (USA), Scenoscosme (Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt) (France), Nicole Smede (Australia), Tamiko Thiel (Germany), and Xenoangel (Samuel Twidale and Marija Avramovic) (France).

Opening: 23 June. 3:00 Exhibition Dates: 23 June – 13 October

QUT Art Museum

Artists in program

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