Griffith University Art Museum, Grey Street Gallery
Exhibition: Friday 21st June – 7 July.
Opening and performances : Wednesday 26th June

Sue Beyer (2024) We Are Data II, Self-adhesive vinyl, synthetic polymer on board, powder coated aluminum frame, Raspberry Pi, RTC Hat, RGB LED Matrix, Non-Fungible Token, Augmented Reality, PLA thermoplastic, LED strip lights Size variable, (Detail) Photography: Christo Crocker

Press brings together the work of two artists, Sue Beyer and Tara Pattenden. Both artists employ digital technologies to produce physical objects that emphasise tactile, sonic and spatial experiences. These works locate technology in materiality, present as objects in the gallery. These technologies act as metaphors for networked data, while simultaneously pointing to the physicality of technological forms, which is often ignored in the digital era.

For Beyer, the composition of self-portraiture is assigned to big data and machine learning. The resulting installation is a spatial and temporal cross-platform installation, which collages disparate data and ultimately tells the viewer more about the technology than the subject.

Pattenden repurposes secondhand objects, materials and technologies within her sonic-based practice. Using software, she creates a scenario that is then completed by the viewer when they interact with the work.

Both artists incorporate the automated nature of software technologies, to set in place a scenario that is completed independently of the artist. For Beyer, software determines the objects and subject; for Pattenden, the software allows a context for interaction and play within the gallery. In both cases, software is used to automate key components of the work, embracing chaos and chance as a method of production.

Curated by Simone Hine:

Simone Hine is an artist, curator and writer. Her artworks expand across performance, video, installation and sound. Recent works draw connections between the structures of contemporary visual culture and that of historical art practices. Writing and artworks explore the conditions of late-capitalism, with a particular focus on labour as it is redefined in a perpetually in-motion 24/7 society. Widely exhibited, her work has been included in Anne Marsh’s recent Doing Feminism monograph (2021) amongst other publications. Hine’s visual art practice is intertwined with her independent curatorial practice. She is a founding co-director of Kuiper Projects (Meanjin/Brisbane) a contemporary art gallery and project space (2017-present). She was also a founding co-director of Screen Space (Naarm/Melbourne), a screen-based gallery (2010 – 2016) and Beam Contemporary (Naarm/Melbourne), a commercial gallery (2010 – 2014). Hine holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne: School of Culture and Communication, in Art History.

ISEA2024 acknowledges the Turrbal and Yugara as the First Nations owners of the lands where the symposium will be held. We pay our respects to their elders, lores, customs and creation spirits. We also acknowledge and pay respects to all First Nations peoples across the continent and beyond Australian shores.