Time, diffracted


Terhi Marttila. Juried Artist
WebXR on the Styly platform

Artist Statement

Time, diffracted is a confessional, autofictional speculation on notions of time. While the starting point may be personal experience, my original writing is transfigured and transformed by a process of performative writing in which improvisation and the switching of order, of meanings, of subjectivities and components of the writing lead to new insights on the seeds of possibilities contained within my original text. The work is a navigable 3D non-linear audio experience in which listeners choose what they want to listen to by walking around in an environment with no visual cues. Voice recordings are complemented and juxtaposed with the meanings inherent in soundscape recordings and small musical loops. The video prepared for ISEA 2024 captures one possible reading of the work.

Styly link: Time, diffracted

About the artists

Terhi Marttila (she/her) is a Finnish artist and researcher who appropriates programming, language and voice to make things that meander at their crossroads. She works predominantly in the digital realm, creating works that exist as web pages. Terhi is based in Portugal and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Interactive Technologies Institute (eGames lab research project). Her artistic work has been published in the Electronic Literature Collection 4, Revista Saca, taper#11, The New River, nokturno.fi and raum.pt as well as at various academic venues.

Credits: Terhi Marttila

URL: https://terhimarttila.com

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